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Customize Windows: Order and Sort

Okay, so you use Windows: for work, for browsing and for gaming. The thing is, when it’s time to sort through and find files, Windows isn’t the most intuitive program to use.  The newer, more powerful Windows Search helps, but in the end, it’s always better to have a system that you dictate.

This is all about Windows Explorer, also called the File Explorer or simply “Explorer.” This is not be confused with Microsoft’s similarly named browser, Internet Explorer.  But whether you know the name, you know the procedure: Explorer is what you’re dealing with when you’re opening folders, opening subfolders, finding shortcuts, and moving files.

Everyone can do it, but when it comes to optimizing the way your PC works, there is a built in system for linking those things you use most often.  Everyone knows how to save stuff on the desktop, but what if you’re desktop’s getting full?  For that matter – what if you actually want it empty?

Now where did I put that photo of Grandma?
Now where did I put that photo of Grandma?

First, Get Organized

Whether you’re the type of person that prefers neat-and-tidiness, or you’re laid back, letting things install where they want, it never hurts to keep tabs on where things are ending up.  There are lots of tools designed to “clean up” your desktop, but in the end, the best person to sort your stuff is you. Continue reading

Need to Know: Showing Hidden Files in Windows

So wait a minute?  There are hidden files in Windows?

This may seem like a no-brainer to some users.  It makes sense that Windows would strive to protect people from making unwanted changes – changes to files that could hurt or disrupt the normal operation of a computer.

At the same time, there are lots of reasons to access those hidden parts of a PC.  There’s nothing inherently dangerous about viewing them; they’re just program sensitive files that help dietetic how applications behave.

Sure it’s important to be careful and don’ t move or delete things out-of-hand.  At the same time, there are lots of fixes that can only be accomplished by going into the hidden parts of a PC.  Fortunately, getting your computer to show hidden files is easy.

Show Hidden Files

1. Just open up Windows Explorer.  You can open up to view any file or folder; here we’re in the User Directory.


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