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The Sharing Economy & the Cloud: Services On the Go

The internet has always brought people together – but it’s bringing people together in totally new ways by taking new connections between strangers off-line. People are on the move and user-based programs are helping them get where they want to be. Like so many things with the internet, there are some huge advantages to these new services, and perhaps a few disadvantages as well.

Car Services

You may have seen names like Über or Lyft in the headlines recently. This isn’t because the services have done anything wild or crazy, but because they seem to make so much sense. The way these car services work varies slightly by company, but the premise is the same.

If you need a ride, rather than pay the high prices the taxi and van companies charge, why not pay less for a ride from someone going the same direction you are? This is like digital carpooling or freelance chauffeurs.

There are differences, of course, BlaBlaCar operates in Europe for long-distance travel between cities. Users can rate themselves on how chatty they are the car as well to be sure you get a good match. Are you Bla? Or perhaps BlaBlaBla? BlaBlaCar doesn’t allow drivers to profit either – just charge riders for gas and tolls.

Uber_iconUber and Lyft are the more common names in online ride sharing. Über is more professional with its car services and charges a bit more than Lyft, which is more laid back. Über more closely resembles the traditional taxi service with a formal driver and quiet ride while Lyft can be chatty and more casual as a form of transportation.

lyft_iconMake a request online and someone will swing by to pick you up, take you where you’re going and charge you what usually amounts to a price notably less than you’d pay for a cab driver to do the same thing.

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Top 5 Tips for Faster, Easier and Safer Shopping Online

So black Friday is over. You’ve fought the crowds; you’ve scoped the sales, and now you’re going online.  Whether you’re out to find a better deal or just getting prepped for cyber Monday, there are some important things you can do to make shopping safer and easier.

1. Remember the -s

https_iconShopping online? Whenever you go to a site that handles sensitive information – especially your credit card info – it should be protected by encryption.  To check, look in the url.  If the site is secure, it will have an -s after the http.

It’s not important that the whole website be secure, just the part the handles your account info, so look for the https:// when you’re in the checkout area.  If it’s not there, think twice about putting in any important information.

2. Don’t get lost in the site

magnifying_glass_iconSome websites are easier to navigate than others.  Finding the promotions isn’t hard; those will be the first thing you see.  But what about all of that side-information like shipping rates, and return policies?

Use the key combination CTRL+F in all of the major browsers.  This brings up a search box where you can look for specific words on the page.  Go to the homepage and look for words like “shipping” and “policy”

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The Sharing Economy & the Cloud: Top 5 Services that Come to You

Our modern economy is a collaborative economy. Websites and companies are springing up to bring empty houses and travelers together, empty seats and riders together and even empty parking spots and cars together. It makes sense that websites would be developed that bring individuals with specific skills together with those who are in need of the skills. From babysitters to tech gurus, you can find just about anything you need in our modern world of cloud services.

Here is a top 5 of the sharing-economy’s most notable names in the arena of in-home help. While there are lots of peer-to-peer driven services out there, these are examples of how the cloud delivers the potential expertise of millions of people, right to your door.

1. Skillshare.com

stock_using_laptop3Sometimes your knowledge is what sets you apart. Knowing how to do certain things can be powerful, especially if others are anxious to learn what you are willing to teach. This is the premise behind Skillshare.com, a website designed as an elaborate learning or tutoring center.

At Skillshare you can take virtual classes in photography, hand lettering, search engine optimization, algebra, film production, auto repair and much, much more. If someone knows how to do it, they are teaching it on Skillshare.

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