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How to Associate File Types in Windows

You want to open an attachment or file. You click on the file and one of three things can happen.

  • » It might open just the way you wanted it to.
  • » It might open, but in a program you don’t want to use.
  • » Or it might not open at all … without your assistance.

Who doesn’t love a message telling you to “Choose how this type of file is opened…”? If the computer can’t figure it out, how can you?

Actually it’s not that hard to sort through this type of issue. If a file is opening in a program you don’t want to work in or it won’t open without your input, you simply need to associate that type of file with a particular program. The key to this is simply choosing “Open With” on the file itself.


Opening Files in the Right Program

It’s very common for pictures to open in a program you don’t want. After all, there are many different programs on your computer that will allow you to look at pictures.

To set your preferences for how your computer opens certain files, follow the same steps you would for setting preferences with image files. (1) Right-click on an image on your machine. Select (2) Open with” and then move to the bottom menu option to (3) Choose default program.


In the menu that appears you have the option to choose from common programs already associated with that particular type of file.  Alternatively you can browse for a particular program.


If you see the program you prefer, simply select it and be sure that the “Use this app for all .jpg files” option is checked. This ensures that all similar files are opened the same way every time. Continue reading

Customize Windows: Where is that thing?

If you’re gonna customize your Windows experience, you need to know how to get around.  Traditionally, it’s sort of been an “in the know” game when it comes to finding stuff.  Half the time, any given thing you’re looking for has been downloaded or installed to a default place.  And while it’s generally become easier to find things in newer versions of Windows  (thanks in large part to a better Windows search) it’s still better to know where things are.

Why?  Well, it’s all about opening and uploading things.  When you open a word processor or photo editor and opt to “Open” a file, Windows guesses where you want to go.  9 time out of 10, it doesn’t open to the right place.

And then there’s uploading.  As we’ve become more integrated into Web-based platforms like social media and self-run blogs, the necessity of moving things from your PC to your Web album and data-storage is a daily task.

upload file

Usually it’s easy, right?  Facebook says upload a file and then opens Windows Explorer to where Windows thinks that file will be.

Continue reading