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Manage Music Online: Cloud Sharing and Storage

Even though a video file is generally much larger than the the average song or track file, most of us still find that it’s music that’s slowly filling up our hard-drive.  That’s because most of us are used to working with video media online.  Sharing, linking viewing: YouTube and services like it has made cloud computing universal for movies , but when it comes to our personal soundtrack, most prefer to keep their files close to home.

So, how do you manage that ever-growing collection? Suffice it to say everyone’s got some tunes, but what are the best methods and the best tools for managing them?  Whether it’s just one folder or 50, there are good and not-so-good ways to keep track of that soundtrack.

Clearing Up the Duplicates

Before you start actually working with your music, you should do a bit of housecleaning first. If your music collection has gotten a bit, well, out-of-hand, start by deleting any duplicated songs on your computer. You know you’ve got some. You can do this manually by seeking out all of your songs and physically deleting them or you can let the software do the work by using a free solution like SlimCleaner to remove duplicates for you.

The thing is about duplicate file finding software is that it not only will do the work of actually looking at all your files, but you can customize it to filter results how you want. SlimCleaner_DuplicateFileFinder Continue reading

Manage Digital Photos: Cloud Sharing and Storage

Clutter is often the enemy around the house, but what about your cluttered hard drive? Most of us have a hard time keeping media organized and pictures seem to be dumped periodically into folders that don’t always make sense when you try and go back to find pictures later.

It’s even more likely that those disorganized pictures have not been backed up lately and you’re at risk of losing everything if your computer were to crash.

Let’s call it a resolution. It’s time to get those photos organized, and fortunately there are excellent tools available for doing just that.

Photo Organization Guidelines

Before delving into the tools you’re going to use when sorting through your photos, come up first with a plan. How do you want to actually get things organized? Continue reading