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Zero-Day Malware: Six Steps to Avoid and Evade

It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie and perhaps it could be, in a sense.  In all those movies where the self-proclaimed “hackers” pound the keyboards with super-fast clicks, it seems so easy to get access to a bank account, or a security system, or – ya know – a top secret government facility.

In real life, hacking isn’t done so easily or quickly, but as more an more hacking attacks break the news, the vulnerabilities found in the security framework of companies like Target®, JP Morgan® and Anthem® are becoming all too prominent.  Of course, your home computer isn’t a big company. That doesn’t mean it isn’t vulnerable to attacks.

Zero-day malware is a way to describe tools that help hackers exploit vulnerabilities. The reason and old idea gets a new name is because of the rate at which these attacks can be formulated and carried out.

What is it?

zero-day_iconThe term zero-day malware has been applied to different things all in the same category of threat. It is perhaps best to think of zero-day malware as more of a family name than a single label. The top items inside the “zero-day malware family” include:

• An attack using a vulnerability in software that was there from the beginning. A sneak attack using a crack in a digital foundation, if you will.

• A virus that is deployed through a sneak attack. This includes just about any type of malware under the sun.

What makes the zero-day malware unique in regards to all of the other malware we hear so much about is how it is sent to unsuspecting users. Continue reading

DLL Errors and Malware

Nobody loves malware on their machines. In fact, most of us are constantly on guard from spyware, viruses and the like – this is why we routinely monitor, sweep and clean our computers. Occasionally, however, your cleaning efforts can actually solve one major problem while creating another. Let’s say you successfully identify and clean a piece of malware, but then an error message starts popping up that looks like this:

rundll_error3 rundll_error2

What does it mean?

The Nature of Malware

Malware is the name we use for anything rotten that other people attach to your computer. This can include spyware, adware, email worms, and – yes – viruses. One thing that the vast majority of malware programs have in common is that they prefer to stay hidden away down in the recesses of your machine. Continue reading