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404 Error and 504 Error: When a Webpage Won’t Load

You’re browsing online. Everything is going smoothly. And then it isn’t: you get an error message and suddenly you’re outta luck opening the webpage. A 404 or 504 error stops you dead in your tracks. The fact is, these web-based errors aren’t likely to be your fault. It’s usually a result of an error on the back-end, that is, on the server that’s hosting the webpage.  That being said, it’s still frustrating.

In the case when the problem does have something to do with your system setup, you wanna know how to fix it. And in any situation, you want to know where the root of the problem is.  Use this article to learn about the 404 and 504 errors: what they are and why they happen.  And then learn how to troubleshoot the problems, getting to the heart of the matter and finding out how to tackle the errors without going crazy.


A 404 error can appear in many different ways. Some cheeky websites even make 404 errors into a sort of joke. But sarcastic error messages aside, you’re still up against an error.


Basically, you get a 404 error if the page you are looking for isn’t on the website’s server any more. You can get the error in two ways. One, you may have simply typed in the URL wrong and send your browser to a bad location. Two, the website you’re trying to work with may have deleted or moved the page you’re looking for without redirecting the old location to the new one. Continue reading

Fix Windows Update KB3004394

There’s nothing glamorous about a designation like KB3004394, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned with it.  It’s a Windows Update that’s been released recently (Black Tuesday) and sad-to-say it’s been causing some problems … but only on certain computers. This update is affecting machines running these operating systems:

  • • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) x86      (32-bit)
  • • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) x64      (64-bit)
  • • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.

What’s the Problem?

Because Windows Updates often address several issues at once, this particular update could have various results.  The most common though is that – gulp – the update is negating your license so Windows is telling you that it isn’t activated; that you’re version isn’t genuine!

Other issues include:

  • • Various UAC (User Account Control) prompts that say weird things
  • • Windows Diagnostic Tool error 8000706f7
  • • An inability to install the AMD Catalyst driver
  • • Windows Defender error 2147023113

The Check

system_properties1If you’re not sure whether your system is one of the affected ones or not, find Computer in Windows Explorer and right-click it.  Then choose Properties.  The properties box will open showing you what version of Windows you have installed and whether or not you’re using a 32bit or 64 bit computer.

It’ll also tell you whether or not your version of Windows is properly registered.  If you haven’t received any alerts about your Windows Activation, or you haven’t experienced any other problems, you probably don’t have update KB3004394.  But it’s still a good idea the check here and make sure every thing is set right. Continue reading