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The Sharing Economy of Things: Buy, Sell, Lend

The internet has no shortage of online stores. There are millions of websites that cater to online shopping, designed for anybody and everybody who may be interested in what they’re offering. Shops and clearing houses usually represent businesses: big name retailers, wholesalers and vendors. But what about typical users like you and me – isn’t there a way we can get in on buying, selling and trading without having to, ya know, own a business?

Even if you aren’t set up to move volume and even if you don’t have a website of your own, you can still use the Internet to move your goods and get things from other people.  Sure, sites like eBay come to mind, and that particular site is a big part of the the peer-to-peer market system.  But thanks to the sharing economy, eBay has become a forerunner in what is now a spectrum of options that let you sell, trade, and even loan out money from your hand to the hand of another person, all thanks to the cloud.

Online Bidding

bid_iconBidding isn’t a new concept for the internet, but it has created a special niche for buyers and sellers. eBay is easily the biggest of the bunch, and it also stands alone as a peer-to-peer site. The rundown (in case you aren’t familiar with online auctions) is straightforward: anyone with things to sell can set up an account on eBay, take some pictures of the item and list it.

Another user can find the item, bid for it and/or buy directly from you. Even if you don’t want to list the item yourself, you can use the eBay service (now called Valet) that allows you to mail the item to an eBay processing center so that they can list it for you. Continue reading

The Sharing Economy & the Cloud: Top 5 Services that Come to You

Our modern economy is a collaborative economy. Websites and companies are springing up to bring empty houses and travelers together, empty seats and riders together and even empty parking spots and cars together. It makes sense that websites would be developed that bring individuals with specific skills together with those who are in need of the skills. From babysitters to tech gurus, you can find just about anything you need in our modern world of cloud services.

Here is a top 5 of the sharing-economy’s most notable names in the arena of in-home help. While there are lots of peer-to-peer driven services out there, these are examples of how the cloud delivers the potential expertise of millions of people, right to your door.

1. Skillshare.com

stock_using_laptop3Sometimes your knowledge is what sets you apart. Knowing how to do certain things can be powerful, especially if others are anxious to learn what you are willing to teach. This is the premise behind Skillshare.com, a website designed as an elaborate learning or tutoring center.

At Skillshare you can take virtual classes in photography, hand lettering, search engine optimization, algebra, film production, auto repair and much, much more. If someone knows how to do it, they are teaching it on Skillshare.

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Social Site Roundup: The First Five Families of Social Media

It seems like just a few years ago that a social network meant the group of friends you had over for pie and vacation slideshows. Or perhaps your friends you chatted with over coffee in the mornings or over bowling shoes at night. Okay, maybe that’s more than a few years ago, but social networks have come a long way from babysitting coops and office parties.

Today a social media network is a similar to the groups of old, but much, much larger. Social media is a term given to various internet platforms and websites where groups of people interact with each other. Usually this involves connecting with people in some way – friends, followers, what have you – and then sharing information, pictures, website links or almost anything else across those networks.

This series of articles will give you a crash-course in the major social media platforms: what they are, how they’re used, and also who they are. The who is an important question because it may seem like there are more options for social sharing than there are blades of grass in the inzone. That’s why we’re starting things off with a rundown of the main social media families and their components as they exist today – as for tomorrow, who knows?

The Family Facebook

icon_Facebook The first website that comes to mind for most people when we discuss social networks is Facebook. There was even a movie about the creation of Facebook called – yeah – The Social Network.

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Manage Music Online: Cloud Sharing and Storage

Even though a video file is generally much larger than the the average song or track file, most of us still find that it’s music that’s slowly filling up our hard-drive.  That’s because most of us are used to working with video media online.  Sharing, linking viewing: YouTube and services like it has made cloud computing universal for movies , but when it comes to our personal soundtrack, most prefer to keep their files close to home.

So, how do you manage that ever-growing collection? Suffice it to say everyone’s got some tunes, but what are the best methods and the best tools for managing them?  Whether it’s just one folder or 50, there are good and not-so-good ways to keep track of that soundtrack.

Clearing Up the Duplicates

Before you start actually working with your music, you should do a bit of housecleaning first. If your music collection has gotten a bit, well, out-of-hand, start by deleting any duplicated songs on your computer. You know you’ve got some. You can do this manually by seeking out all of your songs and physically deleting them or you can let the software do the work by using a free solution like SlimCleaner to remove duplicates for you.

The thing is about duplicate file finding software is that it not only will do the work of actually looking at all your files, but you can customize it to filter results how you want. SlimCleaner_DuplicateFileFinder Continue reading

Manage Digital Photos: Cloud Sharing and Storage

Clutter is often the enemy around the house, but what about your cluttered hard drive? Most of us have a hard time keeping media organized and pictures seem to be dumped periodically into folders that don’t always make sense when you try and go back to find pictures later.

It’s even more likely that those disorganized pictures have not been backed up lately and you’re at risk of losing everything if your computer were to crash.

Let’s call it a resolution. It’s time to get those photos organized, and fortunately there are excellent tools available for doing just that.

Photo Organization Guidelines

Before delving into the tools you’re going to use when sorting through your photos, come up first with a plan. How do you want to actually get things organized? Continue reading